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05 February 2009



Hi Jenn! Thanks for writing about this. I've left email messages with the head and have gotten no response, which is unusual. Sadly, when you call number on the website frontpage and attempt to leave a message, it says "mailbox full." Guess I shouldn't expect to get paid on outstanding invoices, eh? Damn!


Received an email in early Jan. promoting a moving sale and selling off floor models.
Website has been like that for a good two weeks, though.
Not sure what may be going on.
Sad to see a great store like this go, if that is the case.

sweet fine day

that's too bad, really. Haven't checked in with them in a while so this comes as a surprise.


Modern Tots took $2000.00 from me with promises of sending my merchandise. In the end I got nothing and they took my money. What's too bad is customers like me got unexpectedly taken advantage of, and I'm sure there are many others like us. Modern Tots is a fraudulent company.


i have 2 stores in AZ that frequently get compared to MT & giggle. was just in NYC last week for trade shows and was shocked to hear that they suddenly disappeared. i feel really bad for them as they seemed to be doing everything right, at least from the outside. but i also feel for the people who might have gotten pinched at the end.

i suspect there is more to the story that will come to light later.

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