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Hello from The Minor Details Studio in Brooklyn!!!!!


As a blogger who keeps posts to a minimum when it comes to text, I think it's about time that I speak up a bit. It's been three years of amazing. Both my company and blog have been such a source of inspiration for me ... and I hope for you as well. Within those three years, I've been so blessed to :

*have projects published in several types of media worldwide

*invited to join as a speaker on modern design for children at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

*maintain a stellar base of clientele

*been invited to contribute my thoughts on design for children in both online and printed magazines as well as blogs worldwide

*studied the playgrounds of Paris and Holland with my muse (my daughter)

*toying with book deals and smiling from talks a while back about a possible tv show

*met some of the most creative and amazing people (who mostly found me via this blog)

*designing a line of children's furniture and accessories

And even before I started my company, I did all of these things as well:

*started as a project manager at a company called The Apartment where I managed both graphic and interior design projects....then moving solely into the position of Architectural Project Manager

*managed, produced, art directed, prop styled, decorated and designed several sets for print, commercials and films

*photographers assistant for Vogue Magazine

*went to clown college (yes, it's true. i've got crazy trampoline skills)

ok ..... here's all the other stuff you might want to know .....

Minor Details is a children’s interior consulting firm focusing on collaboration with parents to bring about an imaginative and constructive space for their family to thrive in. The approach emphasizes independent imaginative play, and developmentally appropriate challenges while maintaining a fresh aesthetic. We offer interior consulting services that include architectural and structural concepts, renovation, furnishings, color studies, design concepts, procurements, installations and baby proofing. Along with these offerings, we also provide commercial and recreational design for children's spaces. To find out more about our services, please go to or email us at [email protected].

Jennifer Ward, Creative Director

As a former Architectural project manager at The Apartment creative agency in Soho, New York, Jennifer Ward has developed a strategically focused and personal appreciation of design. With the primary task of supervising production and conceptual design of residential and commercial projects, Jennifer has established an understanding of all aspects of the creative process.

A former student of Parsons School of Design in New York, Jennifer is a mother and paper airplane pilot living in Brooklyn.

Minor Details Design LLC
10 Jay St Studio 612A
Brooklyn,New York 11201