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18 April 2008



awww.... thank you for the shout out! I will let Ella know! She's honored to be mentioned on your fine blog. We can not wait to learn about all your fabulous Paris finds... Bon voyage my friend!


we can celebrate our birthdays when you get back...wish i was there with you! you're missed already xxx


is it may yet?


Paris is a breathtaking. Musee d'Orangerie is amazing if you have time. We went one afternoon an hour before it closed, and we were almost the only ones in the building. We could just sit and enjoy the huge beautiful Monet Waterlilies, quite unlike the Musée d'Orsay. Have a wonderful trip.

greg from daddytypes

caution, filling is hot! Oh wait, you're not talking about the McDonald's kind of chausson aux pommes? They got rid of them in A'dam, but in France, McD's still has those bubbly, crunchy fried kind of apple pies, you know...


Hope you had a wonderful trip! Thanks for the posts on the ICFF. It was fun to read your take on some of the exhibitor's pieces.

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