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10 April 2008



A link to the Ikea product would be a nice touch :)


Eduo, thanks for the post. Its just a minor detail but i promise all posts have links. If you notice, the word "laptop station" is in bold, if you click it or run your mouse over it you get a hand, its a link to the source/vendor. cheers!


Cool. Thanks. I had found it in the Ikea Spain, actually, but wasn't easy. I found it in the Ikea webstore in english and then changed the country codes in the URL for those of Spain and it worked (thank the common sense for standardized webstores). Wasn't easy because in spanish it's listed only as "PS".

Also, I've seen this popping up in other places including daddytypes who considered its potential as a diaper changing station.

They found the same problem I found when recommending it to a friend: It's too small. As a diaper change station it may not hold anything heavier than a newborn and for an iMac or larger laptop the hole is not deep or high enough. They could really think about making a larger version.

Daddytypes link: http://twurl.nl/wmgpax

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