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10 October 2008



ooh so cool!!!. My kids would love it.


i LOVE these colors! the blue as base with orange/yellow sparks... looks really inspiring for kids. great work! ;)

Lisa Golightly

love the blue and orange! and the old school desk, we have almost the identical one and my kids love it!

Señorita Puri

love the little table with a chalkboard, where did you get it? what's it name so i can look for it? is that the one you already posted some months ago that you found on ebay, the pre-toddler desk?


Sara O'Leary

Oh, that is so amazingly lovely.
We were just reading that book last night and marveling at it. How nice to see it brought to life that way.


Love the room. Where did you get the square orange cushions that are on the floor? Love those!

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