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17 June 2009



I just had to comment when I saw your post. You are so right about the tape recorder. I just gave my 6 year old boy one with some blank tapes, and he LOVES it. His imagination truly ran wild creating his own radio show and listening to himself was just the coolest thing for him. I also found some books on tape at a flea market for a quarter a piece (which he also loves). So in essence I say GO FOR IT! You can still order some tape recorders for kids online. I think Little Tikes still makes the one I found for my son.

Sabrina Mix


She might even know what a tape recorder is for.

Best regards!

joanna goddard



Barbie?? Didn't know she wanted a barbie house...


what a great idea!
my 8 yr old daughter would love something like this...
She has the DSi, which would be the equivalent these days.


Nothing wrong at all with that. You are good for wanting her to have interesting and unique things. Would be a really cool thing to keep some of the tapes and listen to them years down the road. Plus she will know what a cassette play is, not many kids know these days.

Tara Hogan

I LOVE that you are thinking of getting her this. It is plainly obvious this stuff is on its way back. I mean, how much more electronic media can we handle? : ) xx


Adorei o post. Parabéns!!! ;)

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